Interesting Rock-formations
Rudawy Janowickie Mountains
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Sokolik [Falcon Stone] – rock formation

Big Falcon Stone (at an altitude of 620 m), with a viewing platform approximately 30 m above the land, and Little Falcon Stone (altitude of 610-615 m). Iron steps lead up to the peak of this magnificent rock, from where the panoramic view borders on the magical.

Looking straight ahead from the platform, to the east, you see the Rudawy Janowickie mountains, while to the right (south) lie the Giant Mountains with their distinctive Śnieżka peak. Then to the left (looking north) you can see the Kaczawskie Mountains, while the Izerskie Mountains are to the west. Once you’ve enjoyed the views to the full, it’s time to move on and learn a little of the spot’s history.

More and more rocks seem to emerge as if planted around you, and to the left of the Falcon Stone formation proudly stands the 30-metre tall Sukiennice [Cloth Hall]. After 1945 the area constituted one of the main training grounds for climbing in the Sudetes, and was used by all of Poland’s leading mountaineers for gaining experience. A wooden cross stood here in 1989, commemorating a climbing trainee’s fortunate accident.

Translation Jonathan Weber