Location and description of Rudawski Landscape Park
Rudawy Janowickie Mountains
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Location and description of the Rudawski Landscape Park

The Rudawski Landscape Park is situated in the southern part of Lower Silesia, on the border of the Western and Central Sudetes mountains, part of an ancient range.

The park’s name derives from its main range mountains, the Rudawy Janowickie, stretching from the Kowary Pass (727 m above sea level) to the Bóbr valley. The chief ridge in the Rudawy Janowickie is approximately 18 km in length, while the highest point in the park is Skalnik (945 m) and the bed of the Bóbr river near Bobrów is the part of the park closest to sea level (at around 350 m).

In relation to the Sudetes mountains, the Rudawy Janowickie comprise an independent ridge with its own, different landscape. It features a number of picturesque river valleys (such as the Janówka or Hutniczy Potok), scattered rock formations (for example the Sokoliki [Falcon Stones], Starościńskie Skały [Starost’s Wife’s Rocks] and Skalny Most [Rock Bridge]), numerous hills, steep slopes, and gorgeous forested terrain with abundant streams. Apart from constituting tourist attractions in their own right, many rocks are also excellent climbing locations. It is right here, in the Rudawy Janowickie, where outstanding mountaineers such as Wanda Rutkiewicz, began climbing. They also provide fantastic views over the beautiful Giant Mountains and the Kamienna Góra Valley, especially from Skalnik.

 Throughout the Rudawy Janowickie there are many interesting cycle tracks, differing in landscape and level of technical difficulty. Some cyclists might choose to test their abilities on one of the so-called ‘walls of tears’, running from Janowice Wielkie via Mniszków to Polana Mniszkowska.

Hikers in turn can choose from routes diverse in their scenery, covering not only rock formations, valleys and lakes, but also numerous monuments of architecture (castles and palaces) as well as extensive park and palace complexes, such as those in Bukowiec and Karpniki. An attractive route for active tourists could be the trail running along the main ridge of the Rudawy Janowickie towards the Giant Mountains, for which Janowice Wielkie is a good starting point.


If you opt to enjoy the picturesque scenery on horseback, your experience will be unforgettable.

In wintertime the upper reaches and passes of the Rudawski Landscape Park transform into interesting routes for cross-country skiing. The region is particularly prized by prospectors of precious stones. All because of the many remains of pits and quarries left behind from the underground and open-pit mining for minerals, such as in the Miedzianka area.

The Park and its vicinity constitute an excellent ‘testing ground’ for scientific work in many fields, including archaeological excavations of early settlements, or research into the origin of geological formations. Close contact with nature is something the Rudawy Janowickie mountains offer the tourist in abundance. The Park boasts 127 species of bird, 115 of them fully protected and 3 partially, with 8 species covered by protection determined by hunting legislation. Near the breeding ponds in Bukowiec and Karpniki you can spot the mute swan, the grey-headed woodpecker and the corn crake. Land animals inhabiting the forests include deer, moose, badger, muskrat, ermine and many others. Lynx have also recently been found here.

In addition 33 plant species are under total protection, while 8 species are under partial protection. These include the stemless carline thistle, the western marsh orchid and autumn crocus.

The most valuable sections of the non-forested ecosystems, home to rare and endangered plant species, include the Trzcińskie Mokradły peat bogs, the meadows near the Rędziny Pass, and the meadows above Czarnów.

The Rudawski Landscape Park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful enclaves of nature in Lower Silesia.


The Rudawski Landscape Park in numbers

The park was established on 16 November 1989.

It embraces:

  •         The Rudawy Janowickie mountains
  •         The Sokole mountains
  •         The Ołowiane mountains (part of the Kaczawksie Mountains)
  •         The Jelenia Góra Valley (eastern portion)
  •         The Brama Lubawska (western portion of the Marciszów and Kamienna Góra Valleys)


Rudawski Landscape Park – location

 Park area: 15,705 ha

  •         Forest: 8,884 ha
  •         Agricultural land: 5,654 ha
  •         Built-up land: 1,167 ha


Administrative location of the Park (including the protection zone):

  •          Janowice Wielkie commune (southern part)- 2,543 ha
  •         Bolków commune (south-western part)- 211 ha
  •         Kamienna Góra commune (northern part)- 3,398 ha
  •         Marciszów commune (western part)- 2,799 ha
  •         Mysłakowice commune (central and eastern parts)- 5,532 ha
  •         The town of Kamienna Góra (Antonówka estate)- 126 ha
  •         The town of Kowary (eastern part)- 1,096 ha


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