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Rudawy Janowickie Mountains
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Stone run

The Rudawy Janowickie mountains might be small compared to the Giant Mountains, but for their diversity of rock groups and the lay of the land they most definitely offer greater variety.

The stone run, or stone sea, on Skalnik mountain is one of the more interesting sites in the Rudawy Janowickie range, affording a picturesque vista over the Rudawy and Giant mountains. The colloquial Polish name for the feature, “gołoborze”, basically means a bare place without woods; it is a particular type of hillside surface built of rocks, boulders, and rubble. It stretches at an altitude of approximately 800 to 870 m above sea level across the north-western slope of Skalnik (945 m) and consists of boulders (Variscan granite of the Giant Mountains) which seem to be emerging from the sea.
The site is fascinating not only for the view stretching from it, but also due to the severity of the conditions for both plant and animal. The tough habitat conditions on the stone sea only allow for the growth of lichens and mosses, although their diversity certainly catches visitors’

The vicinity of the stone run is abundant in interesting rock formations, also bearing interesting names – such as Konie Apokalipsy [Horses of the Apocalypse] or Mała Ostra [Small Sharp].
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Translation Jonathan Weber