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360-380 m above sea level

Krogulec village is situated on the Łupia stream at an altitude of 360-380 m, bordering Karpniki to the east (the Karpniki Palace side), and the Bukowiec park and palace complex to the west. Stretching across a distance of 1 km, the village is located within the commune of Mysłakowice.

The road connecting Karpniki with Bukowiec passes through Krogulec, and it is served by bus.


The name for Krogulec has changed over the years. In 1410 it was called Sderich, in 1677 – Sedrich, in 1765 – Sodrich, in 1786 – Soldrich, and in 1945 – Jedwinów. The name Krogulec, used to this day, was given to the village in 1950.

Krogulec always was a small village, yet it is one of the oldest settlements in the vicinity of the Rudawy Janowickie mountains. It is mentioned as a locality which in 1355 was incorporated into a judicial district, the limits of which were determined  by Duke Bolko II of Świdnica and Jawor. Other localities listed as being within the district include Kowary and Mniszków (which included Miedzianka, later to split off from Mniszków). These were important mining centres of the day. However, times turned tough for Krogulec during the Hussite wars and the Thirty Years War. Due to the sparse information available, it is believed to have suffered similarly to other villages in the vicinity during those turbulent times.

In 1679 the city of Jelenia Góra acquired the village, which was the security on a loan, from Ernst von Schaffgotsch. Krogulec remained the property of the city for a very long time. In 1726, the taxes contributed by the village to the city's coffers totalled barely 191 thalers. Around 1765 the property was estimated to be worth 1,786 thalers. Reference is made to a school in Krogulec in 1786, when the number of crofters had risen to 22, while the number of serfs had fallen in 13. When cottage-industry weaving collapsed in the 19th century, the village's population also declined. It was saved by the fact that it had always been a farming village. Records show the village as having 42 houses in 1825, and there is mention of a school and teacher in 1840 (the school was established in 1742).

Towards the close of the 19th century, Krogulec was a settlement known to tourists, as it lay on the route to two very well-known buildings: the Palace (and park) in Bukowiec, and the Palace (also with a park) in Karpniki.

From 1945 Krogulec was entirely agricultural. Documents from 1978 list 14 farms there, and in 1988 the number had risen to 18.

Translation Jonathan Weber


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