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Rudawy Janowickie Mountains
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Bolczów Castle

The mediaeval stronghold in Janowice Wielkie is an example of an upland castle extended over several phases and making excellent use of the terrain, including the scenic rock formations found in the Rudawy Janowickie mountains. The ruins of this knights’ castle are situated on a granite hill at an altitude of 561 m, rising over the surroundings.


Mniszków Manor

The manor is situated in the southern part of the village of Mniszków, just above an escarpment and a few dozen metres to the west of the main country road. The building’s genesis remains unknown, despite its elegance clearly distinguishing it from the surrounding rural buildings.


Szwajcarka (Swiss Cottage)

Szwajcarka (Swiss Cottage). This building was also erected thanks to the strivings of Princess Marianna in 1824, and constituted an element of the park layout. In the days of its splendour the building had little superfluous ornamentation, and it was really the wainscoting on the walls that gave the Swiss House its charm.


Widows’ House

"Widows’ House", also known as the “Little Palace”, was built as a separate residence from 1803-1804 by the son of Christian Gottfried Mentzel (I) – Christian Gottfried Mentzel (II), owner of the neighbouring large Łomnica palace.


Sokolec “Falcon Stone” castle

The castle ruins are situated on the north-western slopes of Krzyżna Mountain, at approximately 630 m above sea level.
The castle’s history is uncertain.