Interesting Rock-formations


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Rudawy Janowickie Mountains
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Skalny Most [Rock Bridge]

The Janówka Valley is home to one of the more interesting rock formations, known as the Rock Bridge. Situated at an altitude of approximately 600-620 m, it features an above-normal level of radioactivity – just like the Piec [Furnace], a neighbouring rock.


Starościńskie Skały [Starost’s Wife’s Rocks]

Long, long ago, when kings ruled the Earth and princesses’ dreams came true, the owners of the nearby Karpniki Palace at the foot of the Rudawy Janowickie mountains became gripped by the day’s fashion for creating gardens reflecting the spirit of romanticism.


Skalne Bramy [Rock Gates]

This rock formation is also known as the ‘Skalne Baszty’ [Rock Towers], and is to be found at approximately 600 m above sea level, above the Janówka Valley on the south-western slope of ‘Zamkowy Grzbiet’ [Castle Ridge].


Sokolik [Falcon Stone] – rock formation

Big Falcon Stone (at an altitude of 620 m), with a viewing platform approximately 30 m above the land, and Little Falcon Stone (altitude of 610-615 m). Iron steps lead up to the peak of this magnificent rock, from where the panoramic view borders on the magical.


Piec [Furnace]

The Furnace is an imposing rock characterised by a high degree of natural radioactivity. A viewpoint on its summit, reached via steps carved into the rock and provided with a protective railing, looks over the Janówka Valley. Until 1945 the Furnace was classed as a Monument of Nature.